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Definitely Something

Short Film Branding, 2024

Short Film Posters allow me to capture the essence of a move in a "visual phrase"

Motion Design

Live Graphics 2020-21

My main focus in my career and personal passion lies within Motion Design! 

You are Whole.png

Coaching Wellness

Personal Branding

To represent habit change visually 

Artboard 1.png


Branding and Logos, 2022

Versatility of Shapes and what they say when paired with a word.

Hemisync Posters

Passion Project 2020

A passion project on giving a modern design to Robert Monroe's Gateway Experience



Senior Thesis, 2022

A transparent image-making medium made to give shape to the unconscious!


Personal Illustration

Abstraction, NFT, Illustration

Fitting my unbridled creative impulse through the effects and controls of Photoshop, Procreate, and Illustrator

Scales of Justice Academy

Designing for Non-Profits 2019

The Scales of Justice Academy was founded in 2009 by the Honorable La Tia W. Martin.  The program’s goal is to provide underserved high school young women with the skills necessary to succeed in life and, should their interest continue, in law school. The client was introduced by my Designing for Non-Profits professor. 

Shelter with Dignity

Designing for Non-Profits 2019

A non-profit that focuses on rehabilitating and providing for the mentally ill homeless, which make up more than half of the single homeless population. Created for Designing for Non-Profits class. 

Breezy Font

Core Typography 2019

This was a font designed to evoke the feeling of coasting on longboard down a hill. Wind in your hair, your feet carving the streets, and powersliding. The stem came from the shape of a longboard wheel sliding on concrete. 

Saul Bass Presentation

Explorations in Typography 2019

For our final project, we were assigned to create a presentation for a famous designer. I chose Saul Bass, and rather than make a simple presentation, I would recreate his posters and incorporate the information into the text on the poster. 

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