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​How does our understanding of love change over a lifetime? 

Romantic love can feel unimaginably big when we're young, like it's the only thing that will ever complete us, like it's the only thing that proves we're here and we're alive. But with so many Hollywood movies and New York Times Best Sellers hinged on this idea - of some all-encompassing, ever-lasting magic - it's easy to become disappointed when we can't find or maintain such obsessive passion.

We want the fantasy; we've been trained to chase it. And in the meantime, in real life, we often find ourselves flaw-seeking, looking for reasons to push away stable people because stability is "boring." But this rollercoaster is unsustainable at best and dangerous at worst.

Director's Note 

The short film was an expose of the events prior to the concert they were meeting up for. With the uncertainty left at the final shot before they have to go "We have to go or we're gonna miss it", I wanted to extend the narrative through animation and show them going to the concert and experiencing their love, and still having the imagined probable (but maybe not) threat of going separate ways. 

Credit Sequence Fall 2023

An animation for an actor/writer/director friend's (Justin Andrew Davis) short film about two high school exes who reunite before Emo Night Brooklyn. All is revealed between them and we're left with the question: "Does big love exist and is it worth changing your whole life for it?"

The collage style reflects the poster and title card I created using traditional collage media. This was done to give a high-school impression. 

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