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Spring 2020 Motion Reel

Work from "Motion Concepts" class.

ACP Logo animation

Animated and Stylized Logos for American Car Prospector Reboot 

Fall 2023 


Credit sequence for a short film.

Fall 2023

Synesthesia Animation

Track Uno - Kaytranada visualized as shape movements.

Spring 2021.

Animated Headlines

Two versions for each.


Spring 2021

Title Sequence

Title Sequence Design for "Under the Skin"


Spring 2020.

User Progression Animation

Animated Illustration for website.

Fall 2020

3D Photo Animation

Created by separating layers in photoshop and animating them in a 3D space in After Effects.


Spring 2020

Book Cover

Print to Motion. Song from League of Legends.

Spring 2021

Aduri Hero

Created using Trapcode 3D stroke.

Winter 2020.

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