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To communicate with the spirit, to produce, excite, as by inspiration.  

Field of study, to represent, a method of recording

Inspirography is a self-expression tool, designed to give myself a shape crafting medium to allow my subconscious an idea-sketching outlet. By arranging and layering transparent symbol components, I am able to capture complex concepts, such as diagramming mechanics of the mind, in a rich visual manner. I have always let myself be swept up in inspiration at all the potential ideas I have for any artistic project, albeit not materializing them in reality. This tool floods an ocean of potential to my desired expression of abstract concepts like perception and memory, visually diagramming largely uncharted territory of the inner currents of consciousness, in a relatively fast, playful, and novel manner. The cards exist in a transparent Sourcebook where you can pop them out to use. Creativity generates itself through speaking silence and flowing molten radiance joined beyond apparent differences of self and art.

Feeling out a new actively engaged image-making language was shooting in the dark. Shapes are a language themselves. However by accident, its direct approach to reflect Paul achieved it genuinely, with a long breath of relief and gratitude. It is an analog machine that can synchronize your mind with your making and whirl ideas around endlessly. It asks you to see the composition, and tear everything down in an instant to align it closer to your vision. It is an evolving form designing communication within myself. Future developments will explore making the units through the zodiac archetypes of humans, art therapy for kids, special needs kids, and creatives, and making systematically sound its active visual communication potential.


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